These  agonies, stowed loud  to stoic  quiet,

Annoy her, as if their noise could be heard,

Annoy her,  every word,

Every imaginable syllable

And though a throw-away joke…

She’ll attest is a thrust attack,

Jeez  these agonies

Have me taken aback

Have me taking pills & drink to swill ’em back.


You again apply all yr nagging pleas,

As if you’d a tiff with the miniseries,

One for yr own miseries,

On far past done  post-production

(God knows how these things go) tho’


It’s  not  a  new  thing

Or  not  nothing



May 20, 2014




On to one I try to love, & back;

One ought to honor one of us.


I will brave..then save  embraces

before I leave, For I believe

that storing away more rare mercy,

like staples stock a pantry,

sustains this suspect man, surely.

Make that..his take on  “surely”





,                                                         (from 5 years ago, & still)


April 1, 2014





Might mixed media shamen lite

&  brainiacs  in italics  write

Strive  To  Have  Thee  Happy  P.O.V”?

I only choke on O.K.


OK  It looks here we’re lost

It only looks  just old whiskey must

Unfortunately  hamper

Unfolding  this old map.

Here, you take the fifth.



I propose  we suppose  this labyrinth

Is  the  Casbah




(All night  All day/ I wonder if there might be a way/ To write it down)


That “All is fair in love”  ain’t shit

I’ve seen it just the opposite

Here’s this unsatisfying realm here/

Tell  me  where

To scout  one half-lit path where

Night brambles  give some,

Thorns have turned away some

For a full, shared world, there,

Through to the new side/

Nearer the North star


There, It’s shared  as we’re sure  needed

There, It’s full  as needs are fed.


Tell  me  where

To soon track  one moon-lit path