Maybe I’m madly wrong
My perspective’s askew.

Driving here drowsy, & now all along
I’ve dreamt there is time to see it all through.
Could be I’m way off.  Way off course.
My Heart’s compass’s needle must still be true.

A cloudy road’s option is straight on, of course
Seemingly there would be one way  to drive through.
Maybe I’m madly wrong
My POV’s askew
Driving here lousy, & now all along
I’ve dreamt there was time to see it all through


Muscles Quip

June 26, 2017

I confess

My prowess is

To wait & to watch &

To wit  if fate slips me a quip

Take a sip & reassess then readdress

The matter  no later than  now



May 16, 2017


photo credit: Josef Sudek (“the poet of Prague”)









They some time may say/ Time  dwindles  away/

I  say   swindles.


-gray r. melvin (“the poet of vague”)


May 8, 2017

I’m  ripe  with  dereliction

My repast  still  strewn out before me

I’ll lap seeds from fruit eden fronts me

Though I’ll stick slow to my sloth….

To my depiction



April 8, 2017

An imaginary friend, a French kid, he calls

(They  call  the  wind  mistral)

All the Northern winter wind..mistral.

En Francais, one says, Eventhough  baby  jesus…

Creche shepherds are threatened by mistral.

They hold on to their hats, insteada solomnly go

Doffing their fuckin desert chapeaux.






May 13, 2016

I’m fine with pining for  somewhere else

I’ve not got a trace of sense

To embrace the opened present tense


Zen  izn’t  happenin’.

The lines seem long,  tho’

DREAMLAND   boasts  “the most creative rides”,

So Go!


There I take my place

Stare off into space


May 8, 2016


I just thought of this

I go to a florist

I’ll ask her

Is it daisies or dahlias (or asters),

Which bunch do they

(I’ve a hunch)  best convey

My perplexed P.O.V…

“I’ve no control/On how it will roll”?


I’d get such a look

From the florist  who’d  jest

“I’ll check in my book”.


I’d get daisies.  They’re best.

An honest, plain face is best.

Anonymous, I attained from  anonymous tests


January 21, 2016

I’d say of me   I’m savvy.

I’d say  that plea  “C’est la vie”,

&  Mash the rest  w/gravy



I could conclude  at dark’s end.

I’d sharpen that plea, for

“..Aussi  une  nuit  noire”,

& Watch the rest  w/ “save me”




Noting  that  nothing

At  all,

That  that, et al.

Isn’t  silly

As any  owlish couch pillow,

Watching yr. self-taught  bits,

When one ought to  sit on it.

It does  despite a dozen days & nights

Matter/ what I heard  at least

& what’s more  Before peace

Can come  & stay

Whiskey’ll have to hold out

&  I’ll hold on for some more memory

I’ll wait out dark matter  stalling

& Staying dark

I’m sayin  mark my wordspill

I’m still falling

into love