September 8, 2017



Peter Sellers (9/8/1925-7/24/1980)



I heard a ways back/that the actor Peter Sellers/stormed off a set/(a clunker cliche’/”stormed” as a verb)/That Sellers acted up, disturbed/by all that was wrong when a man in the crew/

wore green and purple.

Sellers balked at doing the scene and walked off/quite mad./Purple and green./An omen of death,I guess/not for you/

Edgy artist/Peter felt put out enough about it/the stuperstition thing/to blurt it/stand by it/insistassuming others to buy it.

Stuperstitious/I’m edgy/it just doesn’t hurt./Tonight I wear my purple tee shirt/The one I sport under my sportjacket For and at my favorite Art concerts/ My sisters…/

my snug Mr Greenjeans, and Airwalks are on/I ride on a stride so fucking strong/

soundsynch on my full ON! phone/

juju mon/ Rajiohead/ Could carry me dead on.



(from 2009)




An ordinary miracle

Might  make my day  good night.

An everyday freak  hailstorm

Should soften the  certain gravitas of  agony..

Would my monday to monday/ Gone on to a good gravy, when

My  dumptruck  of good luck   sails in?

All this will be laid to waste.

Then  strong  sprouts/ in not long/ will  no doubt

Green  the  place.






(5 yrs back)


September 26, 2014

Court fans helped cool it all down.

They  called  it

On account of a hung jury.

Collective  unconscious,

Jung’s blurred things,

His thinking slurred all the town.

The thing is, I’m thinking,

Not “It’s a hot July”,

As the massive Law’s doors

Miss and swing by and behind me,

But “It’s way tres’ cool for a hot July.”



December 14, 2012

humour me

it’s surely not insurmountable

humour me

I concur it’s not as easy as

glossy magazines on coffee tables

it’s what I really want for christmas

it’s what I really want for my wish

when stars shoot, for my penny in a well,

when a haytruck passes–don’t look back! aw hell

I guess it’s a day way serious

it’s a night more so

Not all the bets are covered.

One  thing–

You will get yrs:

Yr  will-not-forgets,

Yr  unguarded, unfounded,  yr undiscovered  yet/

Unpredictable  predicaments

Will ensue  until you get yr due.

Yr  constructs,

Yr conquests even,  eventually go sick  to conflicts.

Though through no tricks up anyone’s sleeve

It could be you shouldn’t  believe

There could be harm  with yr good karma

There could be no good  with  good luck

Here I’ll deduce   deuces could  be wild

The house  boss, Chaos, takes all.

neutral luck

May 14, 2011

some souls surely cry

“..if it wasn’t for bad luck..,”

break for a deep breathe/sigh,

“..I’d have no luck at all.”

look,  my luck is neutral.

it lies like algae

upon  secluded moon moody ponds.

it doesn’t flow  or seep.  I fall

fade to black asleep on a chair.

my book and papers, & nearly me, there

on to the floor.


alone on both knees, bent,

I loved rehoarding

my words, and alphabet.

they’d shifted some,  and had come

to a  new sense.

would it likely be odd luck?

or meant as  likely,