Please presume It’s unsure for you as well

Assume  We’re leaning

Into Leaving

(an intangible caress)

I lean into

The careening custody  of my mess.



February 6, 2017



When we get a might old  & quite daft/

We better wear sweaters as we waffle whether there’s a cold air night draft/

When we don’t remember/ all the holidays in september/

When we won’t remember/ When the hearth needs more timber/

We’d do windows wide open mornings/ & doors too  snow storming/

Fruit  left last long past their sweet-point/

Just short of when  vermin/ just cavort into the joint/

We’ll start to tell our dreams, last night/

It’s a cinch/ we’ll end on that rain-drenched island, right?/

We’ll toss & turn on real green moss/

& you can barely feel  we’re wearing wet white/

On a hunch/ Our punchlines/ Without fail/ Will get filled in/

On a promise/ Our premises  will trail off  & off & off again/


We’ll lose the car keys of sensibility/

We’ll lose some  to the dark scenes of seniority


Together                                                   so



We  will  never  forget  to  never  let  go


October 11, 2016

I  can  do  candor

My favorite secret

Reads & takes stock

On a Miami-lime rocker

Far, on a Vermont autumnal

Calendar’s glossy next month’s

Promissy  call.







“There’s a red house over yonder/ That’s where my baby stays..” -Jimi Hendrix


July 6, 2016


She would still turn heads

Fron the filling stations

To the four star destinations.

She ought to bottle that laugh,

To drink,   in dryer times.

I think the sky, some, scolds us

With dryer, dryer times.

Her history’s  no  mystery.

She was born on a border town.

She’s heavensent with resilient,

But cursed some times too   down.

Her calling is she feels all too much,

Her failing feeling touched.. not much of me.

Most time, though far, there’s no one nearer.

The rest time,   too far,

too far to hear her.






(from 2010, & still)


March 24, 2016

I’m  immune.

Or, I’d use precautions

For yr considerations, then.

“It’s worth the risks”, went

This washed-up  high-wire act,

Misfortune  forced  his bewilderment,

Abandoned in his barren field, in fact.

I’m immune, y’know.

Let me get go through my window.



March 6, 2016



I’ve dreamt  and forget..

I only kept

One excerpt, one clip

I took back

Here to look back to


You could see down

To two  in the water,

Not drowned.

You could see that down there

That they were freely moving.



We ride out on

That river of grasses,

That  for a while now

Made for miles

Between us.


We’d ride out on

The one door, the one

We always want open

We’d ride one door

Still open

Wide to a wide world.



HARD 2 (Then’l Be)

February 8, 2016

While my hand is hard  on the banister,

Wave  yours  up.

I can make for a better grip

Before I take you up

I swear then’l be my answer

We fill a doorway.

Each, one foot far enough back in

Each room.  Dull lit.

We’re full astride it;

The dark side of the street.



I resist to find it strange when

This strongest wind’s

Air  is a blend of us riding just beside birdsong,

Our voices have started & stood (all along)

As our heart’s blood.





.                       (from 2012.  all along)


September 28, 2015

I’ll  need  my  hands

& Head  steady

& more  to go love her thoroughly


I’ll need my plans

A hearty  readier

& more  to go love her thoroughly


I’ll  want  my  resolve

All-present  &  purring

& more  to go love her thoroughly

I’ll want to involve

All meant  to insure our true curing

All to cement our surely spent curing


September 18, 2015

I swear  it’s Clara

I see clearly on the ceiling

Before I embark onto

Darkening  streams

To  a dream where Clara is nearer


I splash up, plop a step up,

&  Stand up on her shore

&  Stretch erect  on her far shore.