August 16, 2016


If You’ll find  it’s kinda fate  you kinda understand.

You’ll knock the gun out of the goombah’s hand.

It’s sent to the pavement

Between you   and all the rest.

When you wrestle it from circumstance

Then Do you got the go to go the distance?





of all the lies

in the air

that this liar

is truely unaware of

(is  ’truely’  the right word?)

of all the lies

casual and caressing there

the air currents  n

night-blooming jasmine

(is  ’current’  the correct word?)

the stolen ones, emboldened lies

(I’ve told em. All alchemy.)

are all born, arabesque,

of an open pen pumping onto paper,


from nothing.


July 31, 2016



Ink can slip onto  and stain a page

I think it might permeate a world around

It that can see it then re-see it  new

and adapt it to a stage.

The symbals clash, the lights rush up. Both Astound

A staring crowd.    So start up yr. casual

Stroll from the wings, not forgetting yr. casual






(from 6 yrs ago)




It might have been  one long neon light

In the laundromat that set her off

When it flickered & popped

Everyone up late

Our eyes were hypnotized some

All bets were off

On what might happen

She was the first to go

To distract us from our books & hand-machines,

Pull us from our puzzles, also  our magazines

Her  saying all that nonsense  fouled by fire

Interrupted that late night scene

Her calling names out

All intense, her pleas

We stared some  & stuck out someone’d stop her

Her call to fallen reveries

Her own  effin reveries











November 19, 2015




It’s more than coincidence how

That “pillow”  rhymes/w  “shadow”.

If I had to,

& the sense  to know,

I’d set dark dreams aside.

If I lied some, & thought things

As tied up,

I’d fake it some, I’d hope

For a wide enough break,

& loose rope,

& in this broken cup

I hold my spirits up.



.Heraclitus: “. the essence of things has the habit to hide”


“Very little grows on jagged rock/Be grounded/Be crumbled/

So wildflowers will come up”          -Rumi





(from years ago)


October 31, 2015


twist a knob on the dash

Adjust the width on the hole on the window

Just so you might  read the road’s edge

Roll down yr window, fold down yr sleeves

For this hour  at least

Fueled with guts & grace

Not to get caught  in that dead-end place

Through  too late darknesses

(onto too early empty dawns)

On to one Firecolors promise

Of  one  sunrise





,                             (image “Dark Place III” / Georgia O’Keefe)


if need be

I definitely

might not

frighten so easily,

sure, sometimes I shouldn’t

shutter, some times I couldn’t

muster the clarity to clear away

glint visions,  spark trails

witnessed, I guess, near edges

meant visions,  dark tells;

hinted, half blessed, fear edges






.                                                (2009 & still)

(Image: “The Passion Of Creation” by Leonid Pasternak)


July 30, 2015

A Night ago my big  ole  moon goes

Right  gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I saw this sight,  I Wowed,

“It’s a black & white flicker.

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s  ‘The Letter’,

‘I walked With A Zombie’,  and ‘The Third Man’.

Something  is  going  on.

As under magicians’  handkerchiefs.

Something  is  gonna  happen.

We go darker into shadow,

&  It’s Imminent  &  Soon,

If we should  just  catch & notice

God’s shiny icon  in a gauze skirt

Evidently a Lie / Obviously obtusely Truth;

It’s meant to be  a pair of documents,

Y’see, But I signed both.


Caught, I could  share   the clench

He put on that  pair of documents.


Bright lights washed this whiteish room.

The solemness thing   a candle brings,

Though I searched,  all the shadows had no shade in this room.


We digressed some away from

the heart of the matter

When he stressed  my stories were

fog & mirror


I’m sure I concurred  that if

Scenes and factors shift

From tellings to retellings,

It seems the fact is  seems shifty.


My “But plainly, a  planned  lie,

A tall Alibi, that had ironclad  unchanging,

Mimicry! is one word-for-word bed story,

Read to children.


Isn’t that  one good bet

That wins & sets the liar free?”


I think he let it sink in, and then set.


“And you expect me to reject

Classic casebook investigation technique

& instead of  doubting inconsistency,

Instead ..One consistent story

Is a tell tale “good bet”

for Guilty?  And yet,

changing ones tune again & again  is uniquely

Honest?   it’s best to revise to clarify..

As one more clearly

recalls  new  old  details?

Just as pieces of night dreams

Resurface  into..Really??!”



“Um, yes.”





.                                       (from long ago, or maybe not)

Prayer For There

July 20, 2015

It’s an achingly same  1st

Break  room

Messy Semi-consciousness.

Caffeine, Find a vacuum.

I’m miles away

Miles & miles away


I Love the friends, who matter, after  time separates.

I will wave, I’ll call later, too late

Loved friends will waver, then fade off

Miles away.

They’re miles & miles away


This hour of night, she,

His better 3 quarters,

Has their  dreams   in their bed

Too many miles away.

She’s miles & miles away



(I pray)

Given time,

May this  distance close way up to