December 21, 2016

For the time being

I’m not being knuckled under some

Tho’ I do own a cramp  in my own home camp

I’m achy in my aerie home

I got soot at my feet I just gotta stamp

But I bed on shredded graffiti

My conquests just see it as confetti

Me, I just insist it’s imaginary

I can’t resist  It’s perfunctory


sketchy sanctuary

December 10, 2009

Some seem to see the floor of the sea

as a sketchy, yet effective sanctuary.

They’re thinking, I think, that it’s tucked away

good.  Could be quite quiet.

Would be you’d dream good there.

Sure, it goes that you must breathe much slower.

Sure,  bluegreen cracks for surface lightening.

But, You’ll see that jeweled fishes,

Stilled  with  witness,

Flee at the softest flourish.

And bets are..sandbeds are busy with movement.

How can my dreams take when I’m floating awake?

“It’s a sky-blue  sky

The satellites are out tonight”

                                                     Laurie Anderson, From “Let X =X””


“Nothing/ Is outside of us in this overinterpretted world..

..I test the thickness of the universe, it’s resilience

to carry us further than any of us wish to go.

We shed our shapes slowly like moving water,

which ends up as it will so utterly far from home.”

                                                                          -Jim Harrison, From “Cabbage”