May 27, 2014




An apple, itself ready for it’s  fall,

Let go and rolled towards him.

Set upon his hands

His distresses, in his Rousseau Tableau;

Big leaves, big cats, even lions;

Definitive lines

Staged around his hazy distresses.

Clearly and neat, his free,sweet fruit…

Is his  way for his fall up.




                                                             (from 2009)






April 1, 2014





Might mixed media shamen lite

&  brainiacs  in italics  write

Strive  To  Have  Thee  Happy  P.O.V”?

I only choke on O.K.


OK  It looks here we’re lost

It only looks  just old whiskey must

Unfortunately  hamper

Unfolding  this old map.

Here, you take the fifth.



I propose  we suppose  this labyrinth

Is  the  Casbah





July 9, 2013

True happiness we are told, consists  getting out of oneself, but the point is not only to get out- you must stay out; and to stay out you must have some absorbing errand.”

                                                                          -Henry James, from “Roderick Hudson”


wretched still/ weeks without coastal sunsets

to wreath Night’s long door  I long for

the right time alone  & wait

as I wait/ I’ll eliminate/ obvious suspects

crowding my space/ I have longed for/

to my credit the thing about editing out

all the non essential/ It’s Everywhere/

and easy to pivot w/pen  then slice there/

I can stick to plans

Mute the music & blinds/

I’ll recede that

loveleaking hand off a needy cat and/ 

Speaking of love, lean forward & force

A poem to her.











near the end
purple clouds stir & near
mis-en-scene set, I’ll be blocking the shot
readying my stand-ins
cueing my soundtrack
I’ll need special effects to capture the light
to be faithful to the script
years ride past alongside our precious bond/
then one moment  one light courses through  brighter than  other rays onto…
she had signed off  (often)   onto a missive
(I leaned forward & forced  this life 
To really read)

“Way over yonder in the minor key/ Ain’t nobody that can sing like me”

                                                                         -woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg



.I said  I’d sing

For you  some morning

We’ll wait  when nearer

Near  close your ear

I’ll sing out  without warning

It’ll be absurd  a bit

I’ll hack into  new birdsong

Exactly await  re-entry  & then

I  pipe  up 

(you can see his breath as he greets dawn)

Sheets down


.”The cold front couldn’t stay out front still/

I guess you can rescue

Family plants from being killed,/

Button top buttons!,

And cheat out the chill”








December 6, 2012




There’s this secret I’ve kept so discreet

From lovers, & brothers, & mothers.

I’ve mis managed to become  so mum

It was only clearer to me

After  self therapy

The  other day,  or another.


From  this  encompassing  dream,

I   finally  wanted

All the  solid things  I was sold  to get,

When it’s important  to want one.


I   Get

Silk  batik ties, Italian silk shirts,

Mostly-silk  jackets,

Dry cleaned,  & all in the closet.


I  Wait For And Get

Too new Peter & P.J., Gabriel and Harvey,

Unheard of, they’re still in their jacket.

Too new Laurie Anderson, Richard Thompson,

Unheard of, they’re still in their jacket.


I  Waited  For  &  Get a

Big  Bio book   of Elliott Smith,

and the case is still closed


I   Get

New  Yorker’s

Drawings  &  Captions

All of them  (All these years)

Data   on   disc

unplayed  &  unsmiled  to. (sadly)

I   Got

New  Yorker’s

Drawings  & Captions

The Board Game…



Why  I  With-hold

All  that  pleasure,

I haven’t a clue.

It’s half-like  holding  love

At arm’s length,

& watching it  do



(All night  All day/ I wonder if there might be a way/ To write it down)


That “All is fair in love”  ain’t shit

I’ve seen it just the opposite

Here’s this unsatisfying realm here/

Tell  me  where

To scout  one half-lit path where

Night brambles  give some,

Thorns have turned away some

For a full, shared world, there,

Through to the new side/

Nearer the North star


There, It’s shared  as we’re sure  needed

There, It’s full  as needs are fed.


Tell  me  where

To soon track  one moon-lit path