gloomy guess

May 16, 2018

I   stood

Outside   her

I   stare

Yet  don’t  see  her

She   understood

Our   plight   here



won’t   Be   there







(found on a phone notebook, from a coupla weeks back)



Too serious artists start w/

A storm soaked base/

Ghost greys choke their palette’s

stab and dab place/

All the storm’s  whites & blacks,

Ghost greys choke their palette’s

Stab and swab space/

It takes  dark tools

For foretelling  Imagewhat fails this fool/


Tho’ I would go and talk with god one time  (overdue)

Late/ at a time near  too late to live/

Tho’ I would go

“Why is the devil so negative?”

My god, no kidding  did: