May 2, 2018


the creatures were there at their creek

when they witnessed me by the moon

I was quiet enough on my path

but they looked up, then back down to their drinking


I was so lost they didn’t scatter

so lost the full moon only considered my prayers

I got turned around when the wind picked up

I can’t find my feet or so far

my way back







November 3, 2017



“as I sleep
fast deep green seas tore at some shore.”

In my defence
I’m sure it’s
that most wordsmiths
have worked the Earth;
its life..its weather, its flora,
in metaphors galore.
This sun, that moon arise. A Rose.
the cliff gales, what the dark knows,
poorly lit paths,
the sway of mayhem—
the sweet wordmaths
configuring out



.                                                                   (from 2008)



June 20, 2016

I  can’t  transfix  my  P.O.V.


I  can’t  transfix  enough.


I  can  remix  some  sub dubbed  copy.


I’ll  crop  the  stills  until  they’re  still enough


Advent, even I wait on as

Silent Partner in this stronghold.

Before I go on,

I’ll go on & make sure

The blinds are drawn.



When I’m

Aware/Awake  It’s gone cold,

For me to know it,

I’ll go on & need you some

I’ll go on & remind me some

I’ll go and turn my life down some

I’ll sit myself down until

I’ll see myself still enough

To behold

We’re meant, both,

Silent partners in this stronghold.



.                 (from 2010)



January 27, 2016

On a rough rainy predawn day

Back too tough on me maybe

Allowed  out back  fuh full moon

Is enshrouded.  dire.

Tho’ I’m too low on melatonin

Dawn, I’ll get  my crayon box

Out  &  rub out

A prairie fire



December 28, 2015



Nights  ago my big  ole  moon goes

right gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I saw this,  honestly,

It’s a black & white flicker

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s “The Letter”,

“I walked With A Zombie”, “The Third Man”,

Something is going on

Like under a magicians handkerchief

Something is gonna happen

We go darker into shadow

&  It’s Eminent  &  Soon

If we should  just  catch & notice

god’s shiny icon in a gauze skirt



.                                         (FROM YEARS AGO) (image: g.r.melvin)


December 24, 2015

“the inevitability of
heart death and heart soar and heart sick and heart ache..”

-Evelyn Adams/


It could be worst

When I would hear

It from good sources,

Maybe a back-alley liar.

His last words.


Not a sliver as clever as Wilde,

But ever so slightly, absolutely abstract & absurd

His last words

Might all have been,  “I’ve waited. Awhile.

All night. Save dawn. I’ve waited. Until

Watching was silly.

No cues came. No signs sang.

No news hit the front porch.

I waited & watched.

I still wait for bell rang.

I still hold a torch.


August 31, 2015

Had to be night

in the bad lighting.

A man & his medicine, 1st draught;

Cold staring down, living down

the old man thing.

“Don’t drown”, as I left

(trying not to laugh)

“Sure, Sometimes it’s subtle..”

trying to stop me,

“Lately, it’s loud as lightning”

(loud as lightning)


Me, I strive to survive

(Thankfully, I’ve sanctuaries)

I’ll settle on women in warm dreams

& settings,  And when we get up

& stride big strides on sidewalks

for forests; Rousseau ferns, fiery blossoms,

& placid lions. like us.




.                                   (from 09)

If my bloody feet

Work the way

Up my path as they

Might,  come day,


All these falls,  this stumbling,

All right before  my Moonlight,

Would be humbling

With goodly reason.


July 30, 2015

A Night ago my big  ole  moon goes

Right  gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I saw this sight,  I Wowed,

“It’s a black & white flicker.

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s  ‘The Letter’,

‘I walked With A Zombie’,  and ‘The Third Man’.

Something  is  going  on.

As under magicians’  handkerchiefs.

Something  is  gonna  happen.

We go darker into shadow,

&  It’s Imminent  &  Soon,

If we should  just  catch & notice

God’s shiny icon  in a gauze skirt