August 13, 2017

A barge I bet  can float through our wait

Hours upset, but in an instant I can’t hate

Hating hundreds of roads apart, while  hearts

Skinwalls near  forever here, & there with you  wait.



.          (unfinished)



July 6, 2016


She would still turn heads

Fron the filling stations

To the four star destinations.

She ought to bottle that laugh,

To drink,   in dryer times.

I think the sky, some, scolds us

With dryer, dryer times.

Her history’s  no  mystery.

She was born on a border town.

She’s heavensent with resilient,

But cursed some times too   down.

Her calling is she feels all too much,

Her failing feeling touched.. not much of me.

Most time, though far, there’s no one nearer.

The rest time,   too far,

too far to hear her.






(from 2010, & still)