February 14, 2017



Eyes out to recognize   passion:

It’s flatbacked against a dark wall

In the basement, burrowing deeper into sad shadow.

I’d bet it’s hiding some, a child’s cruel game.

When people see they’re empty

They write in to newspapers & ask real advice,

Exposing & espousing about

“Spicing up”  their  love lives.

Girls & boys buying new nightclothes,

Sex-scents, and other eaus,

Bought to butter up their battered beaus,

Enhancing  romance drugs

From teevee, junk mail,

And toys that are tools

For fixing whats failed.


There’s always 

something new,

Someone new/ anything new.

Venture steps forward

Away from the old?

Nature’s warmblooded creatures

Home in on  settleings  less cold.




“life is like a stage, I guess

love is stages of undress”






.                                                                    (from 2009)


Candleless Prayers

April 23, 2012


providing that  my night’s POV,

(incited & incensed,

advancing instances of

ghosts  and  guesses,)

doesn’t   reach   ridiculous,



Might you see me assembling a way…

tonight’s sweeping trick of keeping

trembling  at  bay.

Again.  Always

–      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –


I’ll pretend to care about  Everything

If you’ll see   I’ll freely can

Call out to nothing in the way,    an’

Call out to nothing in the wind.




.                                                                                                (from ago)

Not all the bets are covered.

One  thing–

You will get yrs:

Yr  will-not-forgets,

Yr  unguarded, unfounded,  yr undiscovered  yet/

Unpredictable  predicaments

Will ensue  until you get yr due.

Yr  constructs,

Yr conquests even,  eventually go sick  to conflicts.

Though through no tricks up anyone’s sleeve

It could be you shouldn’t  believe

There could be harm  with yr good karma

There could be no good  with  good luck

Here I’ll deduce   deuces could  be wild

The house  boss, Chaos, takes all.