June 11, 2018





dutifully  sometimes you should shrug

& do yr lines

dutifully  from the p.o.v. of the third guy 

in a lousy joke,

of the third guy,

on cue, in yr line

waiting there  at the gates of heaven,

the punch-drunk punchline chump.

in one ya heard at a barber shop or church,

though i frequent neither.

i heard they put out quite the ambiance there

with the reading materials, murals, & make-believe talk there



.“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read”
Jim Harrison




Day 11, 28 Days of Unreason




3 Responses to ““SO THE 3RD GUY GOES””

  1. jillys2016 said

    So glad you joined in today. The punchline chump – that has punch!

  2. I’ve taken the oath. love g.r.

    In poetry, an image must . . .
    montage the mind with false cognates.
    ~ Basilike Pappa

    I’m never going to author words that sound like music in a bag
    or grammar stones wrapped in newsletters.
    I’ll cover me in paper leaves, lull me gently, ink my wires
    and either I’ll become a microcosm of re-imagined senses
    or, I swear, I’ll turn into a perfectly tuned clock.


  3. Charley said

    Definitely an interesting take on the Harrison quote. Like the poet’s voice.

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