August 13, 2017

A barge I bet  can float through our wait

Hours upset, but in an instant I can’t hate

Hating hundreds of roads apart, while  hearts

Skinwalls near  forever here, & there with you  wait.



.          (unfinished)


3 Responses to “A BARGE”

  1. My eyes beseech the beam from a lighthouse.

    Through this storm of abhorrence, I call to calm and sedate.

    Sorry; just had to try. Forgive my meddling. Never leave unfinished work in front of a nosy poet. 😊

    • I know, friend, that when I browse the Reader, I catch myself making little adjustments here & there, striking an awkward word, tightening, bouncing a new beat that sings better, a bit of helpful editing I quietly administer to unsuspecting poems/
      Thanx for yr addendum. g.r.

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