July 30, 2015

A Night ago my big  ole  moon goes

Right  gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I saw this sight,  I Wowed,

“It’s a black & white flicker.

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s  ‘The Letter’,

‘I walked With A Zombie’,  and ‘The Third Man’.

Something  is  going  on.

As under magicians’  handkerchiefs.

Something  is  gonna  happen.

We go darker into shadow,

&  It’s Imminent  &  Soon,

If we should  just  catch & notice

God’s shiny icon  in a gauze skirt


2 Responses to “CATCH AND REALIZE”

  1. Nice poem, here. I like the “gauze-skirting” inside a night cloud. I could really see that.

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