April 11, 2015

She goes shy of the very shadows;

completely infused  in first section hard-copy news

She peruses  column  leads

Refusing all  too-sad reads

As i do


But you got this guy here who is seriously shy

To fill skies w/ gloom jam jabbed in.

They  can  kill a  guy.

(The ones you stood up against.

Three tons of blue mood, you face

Too often, too fierce  to soften & go.

This man here could not stand there,

I know.)


She can’t relate

To the cinema  I saw late

She says they blur more black  than white

She says they end not..just not right.


2 Responses to “SHADOW SHY”

  1. kimberleyjace said

    Oh, I love this one. I am these two people. We all are.

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