November 12, 2014

Disorder  this hour of night

Is not uncommon, alright,

This is the time & place for chaos,

For doubt, for film noir  fog & shadows.

I doubt  you get

To forget  you’re lost.


Disaster  at this time of late.

Unless you’re used to this ruse that states

It’s  actually  AOK,

When that’s really  some mirage

That can just mask  ample-less camouflage;

These intense trees  set against a jet black cloud storming,

A warning, in any language,

this morning.




  1. claudia said

    ah sometimes we should listen to nature’s warning more than to soothing words..

  2. Anna Mark said

    I have just been thinking (perhaps dwelling on) about doubt and delusion and belief. A timely poem for me to read. Here in my home town we’ve just had our ‘first snow’ and it seems to always come so softly, quietly, gently…tentatively…I half-believe in it as it partially covers the grass. I’m trying to relate doubt to this first snow while realizing that eventually it comes to stay (the snow? the doubt?)…and then melts away.

  3. I’ve seen such a mix of great, good, and just okay writing on WordPress. Yours certainly falls into the first category. Thanks for sharing! RJ

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