October 6, 2014

I.     Lost

For now, awhile, I won’t let you pull me from the wreckage

But, how you hold my hand, for both of us

Until the jaws of life  arrives/

Tho’ I’m not at a loss of words, I’m lost

In thought, “I’m lost”, I thought,

“And hiding from the hidden costs.”

 II.  Birdsong

I’ll dare to speak of sparrows

in shrapnel filled WW I battlefield winds,

in sharp scarlet dawns

they’ll sing to find their kind

if  they’ve  lived,

one song will find its way back,

between the  blood & budding daybreak

   III.    J U S T

it could just be/but a branch of a tree

perched at a high hill

It must own  one new bud  just

breaking through/ it just would be just for you

and in time  one blossom. You’d just gone and

lift yr arm up/  pull it down/ just in time

to drink it through & through

with yr deepest stealing breath.///


from (june/13)


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