April 7, 2014



I don’t even half choose

to carry loose change.

It lets itself be too known to me.


A quiet man  is now noisy.


I search the underlying themes that just must surface,

 as dead blue gills &; dying perch must do..

An unresolve. will  lighten,

An unsettlement I mean to settle up..

Which flotsam, riches  from the deep end;

Raucous, compelling, telling sleeptalk  will upend?

Finally, fall up.?

Find a pen

And something to write on.

  Legs-open for

Something to write on.





.                                                         (from 5 years ago & now)





2 Responses to “LOOSE CHANGE”

  1. Don’t we all carry a lot of loose change around with us?

  2. Evelyn said

    “A quiet man is now noisy”
    This is such a summation, packed with interpretation space.

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