December 22, 2013

Let it lie…




.If you let it,

Certain uncertainties,

Truly, calmly embalming you,

Do  Startle  you,

Like new algae on a dawn-lit lake.

Evident now.  &  new-like.


If you let it,  Wake-

Up calls can kill you.

It’s  all  if  a full  heart

Is  still  true



(Not “to be true”, as singsongy longing radio songs go,

 Not “to be true”, as mushy movies, needful romances read,

But truly,

Unscared  &  Aware of

1 sacred pull

Of  Love.



One Response to “NEW ALGAE”

  1. Chatty Owl said

    Im having troubles catching up with everything on wordpress with this holiday season around, and with my wordpress app really playing up on me, but i want you to know that im glad i have you on my reader and your work always inspires me.

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