March 27, 2013

I should take my shadow on a full moon walk/

I should tackle my dark in a full press block/

truth is useless for a metaphor man/

I’d need stronger measures. I’d witness

A stranger changing in front of a mirror,

Trying on odder fitting outfits,

Lines sure and sheer./


So nervously casual unwrapped/enrapt

So near a naked half turn onto eye you

We lay fastened on grand pianos

Braying asses assuredly elegant

                               in perfecting predawn light


A quiet gust came up

Only the smallest leaves take swirl

On paths  in moon


Aligning our times

We  counted  skies

We  chimed  in






.the imagery of asses on grand pianos ejaculated its way into my dream by way of

an old (very old) short film, a landmark classic from the surrealistic art movement, Dali

had alot to do with it as I remember, saw it as a teenager, wondered “What the hell..?”

I wonder it still. It seemed right at home in my fantasy, I wrote years ago.


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