A n y w a y s

March 22, 2013

I know the Christian holydays are near because I can now buy hot cross buns in my bakery, and because my better half has told me I’d better tone it down some, on some matters.

   I have a gripe, anyways, with the new mini-series (or ‘ministries’) “The Bible”. My gripe isn’t necessarily with the producers Roma “Touched By an Accountant” Downey and her husband, an already too successful producer of several schlock “Reality shows”. Their spiritually inspired  venture is predictably a very good financial bet, there are 

temple marketplaces and marketplaces of money to be had here.

   Though, it’s truly very true that I welcome that the name “Son Of Man” or “Adam and Eve” may surface amidst the usual names that are newly revealed even more at the Monday morning water cooler BS sessions. But,

My gripe blames the HISTORY CHANNEL

for buying & selling this latest retelling of these bible stories

Really?  The HISTORY CHANNEL?  Really?





One Response to “A n y w a y s”

  1. I know right? I just watched the first two episodes On Demand and was bugging my husband with my running commentary.

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