One Good Old Cold Morning Rhyme

March 8, 2013

“Way over yonder in the minor key/ Ain’t nobody that can sing like me”

                                                                         -woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg



.I said  I’d sing

For you  some morning

We’ll wait  when nearer

Near  close your ear

I’ll sing out  without warning

It’ll be absurd  a bit

I’ll hack into  new birdsong

Exactly await  re-entry  & then

I  pipe  up 

(you can see his breath as he greets dawn)

Sheets down


.”The cold front couldn’t stay out front still/

I guess you can rescue

Family plants from being killed,/

Button top buttons!,

And cheat out the chill”








One Response to “One Good Old Cold Morning Rhyme”

  1. Being a writer, my true test of poetry is whether the poem makes me want to write more poetry. This does.I love the airy flow and the hinting sensuality.

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