December 18, 2012

It went

That after horrible or violent events,

As a cruel way to vent too serious grief

& to take the pressure off some,

Dark jokes will soon surface. Then spread.

To workplaces, as casual talk, yes,

Plus, throughout  campuses.

Though not through the usual mediums, this time./


I find it kinda funny when odd fears are realized

By the armed

Violence enablers,

Hoarding their hidden caches of


When the same crack team

Of govt.-trained troups

So successful far from home

Do  go door to door  At home,

Search warrant  OK’d  by presidential decree,

To go in, and go under underwear drawers,

Rifling for rifles;

Masturbatory safe dolls.  Icons, even./


But at a time  before that time,

We’ll drop by the plush residences

Of our adopted representatives,

Pay ‘em a visit,


Nothing melodramatic

Tight white shirts  so they know

We’re carrying a friend.

We’ll mention

That though a lot of commerce has come,

A lot of exchanges, agreed & understood,

This time there’ll be no threat of voter retribution,

This time they might do the right thing.

We’ll mention how wrong decisions

Made might mean

Not seeing

One’s big boat, or golf clubs,

Or mistress, or ” Rainy Day” fund

Tomorrow, or even ever again./


Then, these same guns that surely helped ensure

A democracy  we could live with,

Would go with the rest.



.Half a laugh I guess.



2 Responses to “DARK JOKE”

  1. Baron Von Nachos said

    I could feel this clinging to me

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