December 3, 2012



December 3, 2012



transition 019




It’s the quicksand edge of a rain squall

It’s a sick man on the ledge of it all

It’s the shore shifting in a violent fright

In a midnight storm

In a maybe might/

A long winter before the glint and glimmer

of words onto daybreak’s birdsong,

When enough renewal’s  been suffered to,

Enough burning and churning and yearning

has been laboured through




.                                       (2009)




2 Responses to “RENEWAL”

  1. I hear you…everybody chirps about how “healthy” or “exciting” or “necessary” change and growth are, but after a while it’s just exhausting. I wouldn’t argue with a nice, relaxing plateau right about now…

  2. Plateau would be a welcome way to go, yeah, a relaxing one to park an emotional Adirondack chair upon to wait out and watch the transition finish playing through
    Thanx for dropping in

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