A Coupla Full Moon Lovesongs (Revisited,again)

November 28, 2012








.   . V E I L S .   .


For a fog moon to furnish imagery

for a folktune  where god wears a gauze skirt

and her veils are gauzy also

and she makes a mind wander

and her beauty as a gypsy

clouds all misery

loud  with clarity

as a harsh sun must show one

the world scoured over.

We would want  again  and miss the mystery

Maya  makes  the sky.






I’ve  needed to give a knowing nod

To the brother on the iPod:

“I rub my wounds with alcohol”.

I feel  the sound of fuck all

I feel everything but small

enraptured under big moony skies,

Where prayers stand a chance,

 & Spectacle  enlightens strolling eyes,

Guts are calm yet a heart beats restless,

&  There’s a man and moon romance.



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