October 20, 2012

“This history thing,

I think it all comes & goes.

History comes & goes..

With mystery though,

Mystery  goes & goes.”




On this sidewalk, his sister Heather

Called out  a talk there,  so clever.

As she skipped, she scared up..  too clever.

Could be, she flipped through

What would be  all I had

On  legal  pad.

Or, had she unearthed it  all her own?

Gave birth to it, from some random rhythms?

Sacred chants have brought  out  less.




“This hiss story thing,

I think it all

Comes and goes.

History  comes & goes.

With  mystery  though,

Mystery  goes  &  goes.”



One Response to “SISTER’S CHANT”

  1. The end rhymes really work for this poem, IMHO. I love it. It feels like some of the later Sylvia Plath stuff, but softer. Really nice work, NN!

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