July 20, 2012

It is foolish to suggest

These twin sisters finish

Each others’ sentences,

This strange twist is

They  start  them.


One started  how there’s no stopping

When ones’  wounded in hatred;

“The malev..violence at the mall,”

“A machine gun in a car”,

Said her sister, as she went so far to

Read the paper.

“I  know him.

Y’know,  He reminds me of the fraud

In a camouflaged cap,

Who was there begging for another vague veterans cause.

When I passed him, he aggressively addressed me,

‘Enjoy your Free dom’. Yeah,  that’s him.

In the paper”


One started how there’s no stopping

One  wounded in love.

In truth, when one’s  sweet tooth

is acting up, often, off the map,

It’s true, House cats that come

From the darkest rooms & the farthest lawns

Are drawn to Sweet Tooth’s lap,”

Her blood sister could only flush.


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