June 12, 2012

Early on, this was easily the worst flight I’ve endured

A stupid dispute at the airport bar

Ended abruptly with me surprising us both

When my agitation rose to heights enough to

Make me stand &  storm w/no name  my way

Out into the airport annex walkway

Toward the gate we had agreed to depart

Together , or now, her alone.

She had been emptying her new roomier purse she bought

So that all my medicines could ride with us inside the cabin

& not at risk to be lost inside lost luggage.


Her cell phone may or may not have tinkled

somewhere in the kitchen sink of that bag

She was now emptying

2 gallon freezer bags

Of my pills on the open table.


In this story, I told her to hurry.

The pills on display

embarrassed me,

Alarmed me, condemned me

Big time.

(I suppose I hated that

strangers might see  & say I’m sickly

Or old.  I”m not sickly nor old.)


I asked her again, troubledly,

As she fumbled her way.

She warned me not to mention it again

Or i could carry my own.

“But it  IS  upsetting me”

&  with that  she pushed all the pills my way.

All he could do was stood up and go.


We weren’t talking  after we eventually met up again

At the gate lobby, except for the heated demands

For something that felt right but was wrong,

Not to fly along.

“I can do this alone”.

I was accompanying her to N.J.  for closure,

&  to spread her father’s ashes on some bay there.


The kindly older couple across the aisle

Were laughing at my predicament,

Though they know nothing of not wanting to go

Through this already tedious, torturous two days.

They probably did not know of my other predicament but

They predicted I hadn’t flown or wouldn’t fly Spirit again,

Guessed on my height, then   “Will you again?”

I burned to turn to my too quiet travel partner, sigh

and taunt, “I don’t know, will I?”


The first five minutes

Into our ascent

We were thrown and throttled &

For the first time in decades

I was not calm

I told my own god I needed more time &

Asked for strength, always strength &


To wrench out this weekend

At least.


I paid an Atlantic City boardwalk palmreader double

To only tell her the past months have been difficult

But the next.. stubbornly  trouble


One Response to “DISPLAY”

  1. Wow, I could feel that one. Peace to you both.

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