May 29, 2012

Hope  we’re having a heaven so

I’ll look and

Daddy can call out,  (& it won’t hurt)

He’ll look just like he just got home from work:

“There’s my angry young man”.

We’d have it out;

My young man’s misery,

His young man’s mystery.

We’d upheave it out.  Heavy inquiry.

If he hadn’t killed himself he might have taught me:

“you gotta take the bitter with the cold”

Outside, My Mother softened things when she told me

When I was ready she told me:

“I know,

It’s vile.

He was so very sick.

They say  You/   Have his look.

It  is   mostly  OK,

You know.

I say  you’ll  have  my  smile”.





.                                                                                    RKM (3/21/29-5/29/59)  RIP


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