Uneasy/ Hard Candies

April 21, 2012

ONE,  he’s  awoken/

Uneasy & broken some night scenes still/

He’s soaked, & might seem shaken/

He sees  he seems  he’s shaking/

He wanders Up for water/

She says he should shower/

He sits with her in his chair.  still/

She said soon She’ll come back to the bedroom for some comfort/

He requests & requires her/

To pull along  the most merciful cat,/

The kindest cat.



TOO,  You liked it I bet./

I lit yr. cigarette,/

A gesture I saw up late./



Our love of olives,/

Sweet cheeses,  lime,/

We’ll have avocados/

We’ll  happily  dare/

Shiny,  stilllife   apples, bare,/

We’ll  halve  them./



I’ll have  yr. crucial kisses/

(Mainly making me manly) Crucial kisses/

Are as crucial as/

Hard candies/

In a Grande Hotel for Grannies./







One Response to “Uneasy/ Hard Candies”

  1. An interesting blend of images…like emotions sometimes are, all tossed together but still crackling with their distinctiveness…

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