track to a sign

April 10, 2012

you’d expect

parked fords are perfect,

at least alot

toward perfect  for

what’s left of late night’s

writing spot/ (here)

It’s the right light (here)

from a head light, from Starlight,

for Work, for working my wandering way home




“What you gain on the hobby horse,

You lose on the swings”

-Van Morrison, from “Thanks For The Information”



Before me, befitting day’s end

I’ll make   sunrise’s spray  a sandstorm

I’ll take  salsa splayed on something cheesy

I can carry time’s weight  easy

And that’s a comfort


When men & women  must contend

That  son of man  will first extend

A hand to broken men

That’s some comfort


In a  faraway  hometown

With a  faraway feel

This dream’s a  theatre feature

They seem to run off track

Reel  to  reel


I’m  secure  in

It’s  recouring


That’s some comfort





thank god for gram parsons,jamesons,son of man, & dreamland



One Response to “track to a sign”

  1. Evelyn said

    “I can carry time’s weight easy
    And that’s a comfort”
    whew, just lovely…

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