In The Garden Of Earthly Delights, And Outside

March 31, 2012

I’m  here

In  winter

It’s  ideal

For our deal

Yr Win plan

Is here and

New  England

It’s  ideal

In  here

We’re into each other

We’ll stretch  then reach  through the spaces

The fireplaced air  fails to enhance

Us with enough heat to keep us at a distance

& we’re into each other





It’s as if the night chill is layered w/lies

I’ll wrap on a parka, take a scarf,

& one weapon when I partake a walk to scour

& secure  the walls of our peripheries.

That’s all sad  that the threat of winter rats

Threatens where we’re at.

That’s all sad  I heard a horde of something verminous, previously

At the airport,  inside security, unadvisedly,

Because a loud & caustic crowd  belongs in the street,

It’s not wrong  they stay in the street.

They’re partly at an airport,

Seething, Seeing off a still-surviving  “loved one”

(It was a cinch to ditch my long-time escort)

My version is   I left all & I came alone

& get  conversion, & intimate conversation.


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