March 19, 2012

“To see in the day or in the year a symbol

Of the days of man and of his years,

To transmute the outrage of the years

Into a music, a murmur of voices, and a symbol,

To see in death sleep, and in the sunset

A sad gold—such is poetry,

Which is immortal and poor.

Poetry returns like the dawn and the sunset.”

-from “Ars Poetica”, Borges



.                    FIRST   DRAFT   FRIPPERY


This man risked squandering his quarters,

Despite the nights rain,

He’d fight to stay the payphone,

Risked squandering  his quarters,

Meant to be spent toward a quart to take the day  to done.

So he’d hang up quick as Go

So she’d ring back

If she was in a curious mood.

It wasn’t too late

(But maybe that’d help)


He’d be ready,  with his 1st draft.

Damn, ink already ran onto his icy hand,

Trailed off his folded page

Of  falderal,  frippery,  & doggerel.

Worthy words  to win some time.

He’d force his forte’  over the phone

If she called back.

If any  would mercifully allow

A curious mood

A furious  mind

This time

Of night.





(from very long ago)


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