February 23, 2012

Coincidentally, at recent coordinates
She has no knowlege of
the hazards of love.
Her raft tips tall and
falls down, back down.
Her Roofstars Stun So
her own wind, drowned out.
Her wind unknown.
Coincidentally at his end coordinates
he knows no knowlege of..
but Hopes Open–
a hazard of love.
His raft held calm
by the same wind, by her arms.
his truth stays on so.
on course, and could near her.
of course he could near her.
she’d like to find it a crying crime
eventually find it
for crying out loud.
She’s not the only book I’m reading.
As it happens, it just happens,
To be honest, I lie to their faces
But we lie
on our backs too,
Gone, gaping at Comet’s Envelope.
Circle like high distant birds,
just afloat.
“I don’t stand this, no distancing”
Soulfull chest and best intentions
“O ..Further along & farther away”
After it’s hurting time
It’s certain we’re down
from where we may
& nearer the day we’re done.
                         – from a half dozen years ago

2 Responses to “ADRIFT TRILOGY”

  1. Adrift 1 is an incredible extended metaphor, a true pleasure to read and 3, well… it spoke to me of my current state, a lingering sense of bittersweet.

  2. Rivenrod said

    Your words need close inspection.


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