February 1, 2012

since I’ve been feeling too old beyond my years as of late, something about too young                      (written way back)



.      On  Upper  Room  Quilts


I’d put the pockmarks

Really  imagined

Right up there why

I sheltered in shy.

I bet my ballocks,

Too full like my skull,

Hairpin triggered,…

They both strained my locks.

Old rain windowed our talks.

We’d wait ’till they won’t wake,

On  upper room quilts.

Whispering in our underthings,

Saying secrets low, no guilt.

The big black would not hide us none.

I would seek her beacon smile,

She would watch me redden.

Way short of once and awhile

Our smooth skins would meet

Like downed power lines go

On a new snow street.




5 Responses to “ON UPPER ROOM QUILTS”

  1. m lewis redford said

    aha; a new voice – with drafts through the windows; I am liking the syntax; intrigued by the full stops. At the beginning of the line. Before anything has even happened … back in time or deep in thought (or no difference?). ‘Old rain windowed our talks…’ – brilliant

  2. Such beautiful innocence and dear daring.

  3. I posted this on my blog. If you’d like me to change anything about the presentation, I will do so immediately. Thank you

  4. Sanah said

    Different from the usual topics and very pleasing ! 🙂

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