“The Knew Where It Is Bent”

January 11, 2012

Those days

Why did my Daddy

Want me to put up my dukes?

He didn’t know me

I needed answers, not anger.

You told me to hit you

On yr only cleft chin.

Confused, I refused,

Then I cried, then you laughed.


These days

One punch

Is all a backed-up drain like me…

I’d kill everything.

Furthermore, my diatribe here

Was directed

To my father’s spectre.

And he didn’t know me either,

‘Cause he said, “Go ahead”.

He thought & said, I’d be quite mad

All these days

With his violent abandonment.

I still need answers, not anger.

In that afterours club, in that cloud,

I asserted, “Are you still sick?” right out loud.

“Haven’t you watched me, or can’t you look out?”


2 Responses to ““The Knew Where It Is Bent””

  1. He sees. Forgive and heal.

  2. thanx friend, for yr astute, kind, solemn suggestion

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