December 11, 2011

Strangels  start when I

Three two one  driftoff

I think of them that way

Even  these dreamthings

They’re odder than common notions

They’re not from biblebooks while upon someone’s lap

Nor from Renaissance era biblical tableaux

Commissioned & OKed by impartial church gold

Not those  ethereal beings & their surreal perfection

Giving some message or taking someone in wing for ascension


Mine hid behind eyelid/

One doesn’t suspend  suspicion/

And the miraculous/

Is rightly written down  privately/

Thought hard on/

Thought odd/

until uttered/ even then


3 Responses to “STRANGELS”

  1. dantrewear said

    I like the idea of private miracles

  2. angela said

    Isn’t this a lovely site. Only just discovered. Thank you.

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