Where We Go/ What We Know

December 6, 2011

Oh   the lulling of our love

Clearheaded    (Though in such an ether)

Imbedded        (Though our clutch, eternal)

In our heads

We’d take a lethal dose


You’re not the like of woman

That listens  while going over her lines

I’m not the make of man

Who’d confuse his lovers

When they’re clothed


2 Responses to “Where We Go/ What We Know”

  1. What’s the dealio? You start off all soft & lofty with yr ells, then
    claim something about something between clarity & ecstacy
    then all kinda end it with a joke just to show you can rhyme
    “dose’ with “clothes”?

  2. dantrewear said

    Ah, I liked it anyway, despite your disclaimer. Come on man, we all do it… 🙂

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