promptings from the author in the wings

December 1, 2011

“There are women..women

And some hold you tight

While some leave you counting

The stars in the night”

-Bernie Taupin, from “Come Down In Time”. w/Elton




I raced a gravel road to see her, and see

Hearts did pace the  opening scene

proved to promise  Acts 2 and 3

The porch was the set there

Appropriate for a proper summer affair

I do remember cucumber soup served  cool, too

She also had a flower in her  hair-up

For flair.


A  sundress  and  a driveway

Fit in a photo  it can seem.


You might use yr  might   on

yr dramas  and  yr dream,

So  for yr own part,  you’re not at a loss,

To see a sure tragedy, a sea of regret,

& Hold on sure long, for yr love,  I would bet.


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