They Played Right Into This Plane Ride

November 29, 2011

I’ve selected and sequestered

A  jury of peers,

New-found  near-fresh friends.

This plane ride,

I’d explain,

1st Class Clearwindow seats,

All Around!

They played right into

This plane ride.

My crew will be soon to see to yr. needs.

It’s my hunch..the turbulence

Does discourage all one’s courage  for lunch.

I think a drink makes more sense.

Every body knows  the Love & Romance,

And the distances Lifers  tread lightly,

It’s the ride  not what you get to

Gets you to forget what keeps you up.

None of the crew  nor I can tell you

Where our wheels will drop and set down

Even a pilot had doubt with gauges

Somehow  I get the thing down.



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