neutral luck

May 14, 2011

some souls surely cry

“..if it wasn’t for bad luck..,”

break for a deep breathe/sigh,

“..I’d have no luck at all.”

look,  my luck is neutral.

it lies like algae

upon  secluded moon moody ponds.

it doesn’t flow  or seep.  I fall

fade to black asleep on a chair.

my book and papers, & nearly me, there

on to the floor.


alone on both knees, bent,

I loved rehoarding

my words, and alphabet.

they’d shifted some,  and had come

to a  new sense.

would it likely be odd luck?

or meant as  likely,



2 Responses to “neutral luck”

  1. dantrewear said

    gasp! this, from my point of view, is simply stunning.
    “…like algae / upon secluded moon moody ponds. / it doesn’t flow or seep.” – drool inducing

  2. Evelyn said

    “break for a deep breathe/sigh”
    I love that this is breathe and not breath…it changes the meaning for me.
    Also, I love how your poems do have this frank conversational nature about them, like they are plays almost.

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