April 19, 2011

Afternoon fantasy was something I have revered since a time when my Saturday cinema was an adolescent’s necessary escape. Every week I’d walk many miles to the theater for their first showing of a foreign feature. I’d slump in the seat, feet up and popcorn-busy, and sometime within the first half hour into the dream; subtitle to eyes and alien sounds to ears would mesh and somehow coerce my mind towards a natural comprehension.

   “An unconscious cohesion for a natural comprehension” could analytically  describe the processing of subtitles. Interestingly, it could also describe the Saving-Grace film fantasy those subtitles gave a voice to. I entered that theater weekly, torn, & scattered like the ticket I’d soon drop to the sticky floor. Amidst the span of those faraway, black & white, celluloid images I would “pull myself together”. Entered confused, exited focussed. A young man’s blends of pleasure and pain, body & mind; 1) a healthy, vibrant young physique sporting an old troubled headache, 2) An inquisitive intellect’ passionate but burdened with a sluggish and depressed body, one dead-true to a logical lethargy, Life and action was fraught with inaction. Fascination, obscured with ennui. naivety was abcessed by a worldliness. Hazy pleasure was laden with focussed pain, and vice versa, four ways.

My paradoxes at the box office were clamped up tight..as the steady lights went up..I already had gone, exited out..ONE..to the new night.


4 Responses to “P R O L O G U E”

  1. Kristin Brænne said


  2. Evelyn said

    This reminds me of that Woody Allen movie that was black and white and woody and mia are wandering the streets for some reason and something to do with the circus?
    now this comment seems excessive and silly.
    I just wanted to communicate how dreamy this is.
    thats all.

  3. Rivenrod said

    Frankly, my dear, I have no idea why I like this.

    I just do.


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