April 2, 2011

For their reasons/ We’re  wronging

More,  They’re  serious

They  see  us

Scornfully,  for their own sakes


What  indifference  it  makes

The world would judge us.


You see,  nevertheless,  our Beauty

Is  never  useless.


This  was  this  whisper

It  was  “Kiss  me  again”

For the night’s forests   listening

Stars  away  far   witnessing

Creatures   quiet.

We face in a  seething,  seemless  embrace

Hearts  rest  &  race

&  rest.


2 Responses to “HOW IT LOOKS”

  1. well said… i enjoy your writing….

  2. Evelyn said

    ” seemless embrace
    Hearts rest & race
    & rest. ”

    crackless grip
    ticker chill & skip

    you are SUCH a romantic.

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