March 21, 2011


…but from here;  a boxed baggage bin,

in whatever vessel burning,

Point on  into blank,  frigid  forths.

Andever vexed in yearning.


Blind Pilgrims; taxed temporal things

Kinshipbourne, trapped, as my fathers.

Captive on this  course, We’re  bound to be,

Forlorn,  for treks  on farther.





 from many years ago, for  Daddy

 rest in peace, b.3/21/29-d.5/29/57


3 Responses to “BLIND PILGRIM (Bound To Be)”

  1. 76meadowlark said

    I like this alot. I cannot say that I fully understand it but there are many things I love that I don’t fully understand. The main thing is that my enquiring mind is intrigued. Well done.

  2. Nomadix said

    This poem is like an old friend to me and an eternally appropriate tribute. Thank you for letting it appear again. Trek on.

  3. dantrewear said

    there’s a strange beauty to this that made me teary-eyed. Perhaps I’m reading it wrongly; there seems to be a loss of hope, albeit beautifully expressed, at the end.

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