found, looking for others

December 4, 2010



(Wordmaths I found, looking for others)

.                   1



According to Corrections

I was clear of every error

Somebody might see themselves free

From time  not so well spent

I suppose we know I’m not that somebody.



                  N E S T E D


The frail kingpin

Forced his fingers,

Like he forced

Everything that wouldn’t work on its own,

To work the file

Where phonenumbers he needed  were nested.

He concocted his deals,

Then worked those phonenumbers

Like  tentacles

To make sure

The plans

Played out




             D E P T H S


seems whenever I’ve already let myself go/

rarely ever  I’m upset/ I just bet I’ll know/ 

fairly never or soon/ that a deep sea beast/

is forced from  its  depths/ it blinks at 1st light/

forced to blink & squint/ in its own way, at least/

I’ll let go some, It must go from its kingdom,

in mine  I’m more,  um,  light.


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