November 9, 2010

I’m sure

If I would lie  &  understand

I could stand to stake out some assurance

On  my  end

(I would take out insurance)

And I would try to try hard

It’d likely  be easy

You’d follow suit.  I’d know you do it.


We’d be able to surmount  some day

The insurmountable  oddstuff   we’d say


One Response to “oddstuff”

  1. Christine said

    …and we’d live contentedly ever after remembering the peaks and valleys: how low we had been and how high.

    You would not take out insurance. 🙂 Never! But maybe perhaps approach risks more intelligently. That’s growing, eh? Probably all the insurance we’re ever gonna get on the oddstuff, and everything else.

    Peace (where you can get it)…

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