Full Moon Five Minute Proses II

October 22, 2010

I don’t know where Scooter Godby

got his good stories he told,  he  accentuated with

his black swiss army knife open.

We’d watch it like the onlookers

in a casino somewhere watching

a thousand dollar bill on  the table felt.

Scooter’s stories didn’t really have punchlines

so we wouldn’t wait for them.

we did wait for him to stop, maybe spit,

look up to our eyes,  he’d get all of us,

laugh some, and throw his knife down

to stick everytime,   close

to his filthy bare feet.


            P L A I N

handjob margie  made it plain

that maybe she had maxed out

when she fell into large boxes

                                           of  fixtures

stacked in storage

in the storage room of her stern

 stepdad’s store


usually it wasn’t like her,

she had stolen warm champagne

or Beaujolais, or what, from

the back door of Beck’s party store.

She hadn’t gotten sick yet

but there were fixtures everywhere


3 Responses to “Full Moon Five Minute Proses II”

  1. Jingle said


    how are you?
    please vote when you have a moment,

    you are nominated, automatically, u win 1 vote,
    when you vote for other poets, u win another vote for yourself,

    thanks for the attention.

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