October 20, 2010

I’ve always gone down front

In every one of all the theaters

I’ve entered, religiously,  gone down

For fun,  a Communion

Dream imagery, &  I’m wide awake

Film magic pageantry, and yes, some  escape

Gone down to the same center seat

Gone down, the 1st day, the 1st showing

Gone down the 1st thing,  I’d fling over my feet &

I’d stretch back,  & soon catch myself   knowing

What foreigners in this latest foreign film were going

On about,  I’d soon hear  them  start things  I will complete


A little in the dark

I’d sit a spell in the dark &

I saw the light


3 Responses to “Pageantry”

  1. Jingle said

    dark and light,
    they are siblings…

    beautiful imagery,
    well done.

  2. Star Ka'at said

    That’s a cool express of a movie experience.

  3. alakaline said

    A very different topic. Liked it.

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