Phenomenon At Darla’s

September 30, 2010

At dawn a child is drawn to Grandma

as she clinks her spoon in tea,

’round & ’round she scrapes the cup,

the sound escapes while his wonder is sleepy.


Like  this,

Us diners at Darla’s,

We’ll steal squints at the beaming man & woman,

at home at a table/ He has her laughing/

Her eyes shine/ Their hands are touching/ & nothing

distracts them/ They don’t know/

As though no one were watching here

(Not their intent  but a blatant

blizzard of bliss is jazzin up this joint)

Their heartbeats alter all the clocks in here.


At Darla’s  Their carefree, not careless,


established here at a table

follow them  right out/

& might enable them

to make it taper off.


In Darla’s lot,  Last Love;

they,  must pull away, pull out, &  drove

miles on away from one  phenomenon.


3 Responses to “Phenomenon At Darla’s”

  1. Editrix said

    Wonderful story. Their heartbeats changed all the clocks in the diner. Simply beautiful.

  2. So very nice the picture you created here. I could see it so clearly.
    Thank you for the smile!

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