Fantasies Of The 21st Century 50’s

September 16, 2010

Do newspaper kids all still pedal by?

&  pump their arms at big men trucking by?

Do older men push hand mowers by

&  rethink about nothing really,  recutting?

Will women,  without working  their wishes,

Still sigh out  &  sing out loud

while washing the dishes?


3 Responses to “Fantasies Of The 21st Century 50’s”

  1. Sherry said

    You took me back 50 years in mere seconds. It was spot on. Brilliant. Thank you!

  2. Actually I sing when I clean house sometimes and while washing dishes…does that make me Donna Reed? Oh, no, let’s hope not. 🙂

  3. Nice. I like your voice. And I like your blog title, giving yourself a good talkin’ to. That just makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

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